Olé Football Academy is Seeking Apprentices & Interns for 2018

The Olé Football Academy is seeking highly motivated individuals or aspiring football trainers/coaches who are looking to gain real life experience in the day to day running and operations of a full-time “professional” youth football academy.

We are spanning the globe and New Zealand for devoted and enthusiastic individuals who are eager to learn in the space of youth football development. In New Zealand there is a massive sub-current of trainers that agree that the country’s current model of player development (i.e. how the beautiful game is played and taught) needs to be changed. Are you one of them?


CANi (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement) Attitude

Love for Life – Long Learning (L3), Courageous – Confident – Capable (C3)

Concern for player welfare

Comfortable with the uncomfortable

Strong ability to work alongside others

Collaborates well within a team

Open to new experiences

Desire to serve

Sees long-term

Excited to pass on knowledge

Obligated to give back to the beautiful game

Can fulfil the role of mentor

Able to recognise the ego at play

Great attitude, work ethic & enthusiasm

Does not mind scrubbing the occasional toilet, floor or sink

Grateful, Kind & Patient



Has a hard time with days off

Doesn’t mind long hours

Enjoys cold weather, wind, rain and the sh*t sandwiches that accompany youth football development

Good with kids

A Doer

Marketing & Social Media experience a plus

Helps in UEFA A qualified or have been a professional footballer; however, not required

Understands the words of the Jedi Master “You must unlearn all that you have learned.” – Yoda


If you are interested in learning more about the Olé Intern Programme, please contact daniel@ole.co.nz with the subject title “Olé F.A. Intern Programme”. We are first and foremost looking for great people with loads of energy and enthusiasm.