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Olé x The Misprint Co.

Olé Football Academy has teamed up with The Misprint Co., repurposing our misprinted paper into good-looking office stationery.

The Misprint Co. is a Wellington based social enterprise that has been making a substantial impact since 2014. They take hardly used paper from around Wellington’s CBD offices and repurpose it into multi-purpose notebooks. One full Misprint box saves 55% of a 10-15 year old tree.

The Misprint Co. Story

As designers by trade, we printed a lot of paper, most of this paper was hardly used and often blank-on-one-side. We started to feel guilty putting this perfectly good paper into recycling bins. We came up with the idea to turn this used paper into something we use every day – notebooks!

The honest truth is that recycling isn’t as environmentally friendly as you think. Most of New Zealand’s paper recycling is sent to Asia. Whether it gets there or not is a different matter.

This is where we come in. We reckon repurposing before recycling is just common sense. Our aim is to educate people about how they can repurpose and reduce their paper waste into good-looking notebooks.