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Ole Structure

Ole Structure diagram

Senior Academy

Our most serious young, aspirational players, who are looking to progress through the academy and onto placement pathways.

The Senior Academy includes First Team, Reserve Team and U17 training groups. At this level, there is fluid movement, with regular opportunities to progress and be challenged within the environment.

Players in this group train in a full-time, year round academy programme, and play at the highest levels of competition in the Wellington region; Central League, Capital Premier and U17 TDP leagues.

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is made up of U15 and U13 training groups. The year is split into a Winter Programme and Summer Programme.

During the Winter Programme, players train full-time in the academy, and play competitively in U11, U12, U13 TDP and U15 TDP Winter leagues.

The Summer Programme consists of a full-time academy training programme, with regular internal and friendly matches.

All players must trial to be part of the academy, and can do so at any time of the year. Training group allocation is made based on individual players’ physical, technical, tactical and emotional development, and not necessarily based on actual age.

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Check out what happens at Olé Football Academy, and hear from some of the staff and players about what “The Olé Way” is to them.

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