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Performance Phase

Performance Phase consists of our most dedicated and aspiring young players, who are looking to ascend through the academy and explore placement pathways.

Within Performance Phase, the First Team & Reserve Team players are categorised into the P1 and P2 training groups. At this level, players enjoy a dynamic atmosphere with regular opportunities to progress and are continuously tested and inspired by the environment.

Players in the Performance Phase undergo comprehensive training as part of a year-round, full-time academy program. They compete at the pinnacle of Wellington’s football competitions in the Central League and Capital Football Leagues.

Development Phase

Development Phase is structured with players from U17, U15, and U13 levels. Beginning in January 2024, players in Development Phase will engage in a year-round training programme, similar to our Performance Phase.

Our year-round curriculum ensures that players receive consistent training, fostering steady growth and development in their football journey. Development Phase players will immerse themselves in rigorous training sessions at the academy and compete in the U17 TDP, U15 TDP, and U13 TDP Winter leagues.

All players must be assessed to be a part of the academy, and can do so at any time of the year. While players are grouped based on age categories, their allocation to specific training intensities and modules is determined by their physical, technical, tactical, and emotional development.

Foundation Phase

Foundation Phase encompasses our youngest talents, consisting of players at the U12, U11, and U10 levels. Their year is divided into a Winter and a Summer Programme, each designed to nurture their budding potential.

During the Winter Programme, players engage in full-time training at the academy and actively participate in the U12, U11, and U10 Winter leagues, where every match is an opportunity to learn, grow, and excel.

The Summer Programme offers a blend of rigorous academy training sessions coupled with consistent internal games and friendly matches, allowing players to put their learned skills into practice.

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