Olé Players

Player Achievements

Olé Football Academy has a history of players who have gone on to gain scholarships to US Universities, professional contracts and overseas placement, as well as represent their country in World Cups and other international tournaments.

Professional Leagues & Overseas Placement

Olé players have been placed in the following overseas clubs:

  • Ryan Thomas (PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Tyler Lisette (IFK Värnamo, Sweden)
  • Kyle Adams (Real Monarchs, USA)
  • Elliot Collier (Chicago Fire, USA)
  • Noah Billingsley (Minnesota United, USA)
  • Jesse Edge (IFK Berga, Sweden)
  • Nando Pijnaker (Rio Ave F.C., Portugal)
  • Callum McCowatt (FC Helsingør, Denmark)
  • Marko Stamenic (F.C. Copehagen, Denmark)
  • Matt Garbett (Torino FC, Italy)
  • Elijah Just (FC Helsingør, Denmark)
  • Dalton Wilkins (FC Helsingør, Denmark)
  • Owen Parker-Price (Torslanda IK, Sweden)
  • Dominic Wooldridge (Torslanda IK, Sweden)
  • Harry Edge (Torslanda IK, Sweden)
  • Sean Bright (Torslanda IK, Sweden)
  • Andrew Withers (Port Melbourne SC, Australia)
  • Ryan Feutz (Torslanda IK, Sweden)
  • Josh Rogerson (Torslanda IK, Sweden)

Maya Hahn

US University Scholarships

Olé players have been placed at the following US Universities:

  • Elliot Collier (Loyola University)
  • Kyle Adams (San Diego State University)
  • Noah Billingsley (University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Dan Keat (Dartmouth Univeristy)
  • Harry Merz (Luther College)
  • Harry Morton (Hartwick College)
  • Mike Faber (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
  • Caleb Wake (Luther College)
  • Frankie Walkington (Marshall University)
  • Xavier Green (Ohio State University)
  • Mohamed Awad (St Johns University)
  • Andrew Withers (St Johns University)
  • Furkan Kokcu (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  • Ashlen Stroud (Luther College)
  • Jaylen Rodwell, (University of Portland)
  • Logan Kinajil-Moran (Bucknell University)
  • Jarrod McKechnie (Liberty University)
  • Maya Hahn (University of Oregon)

National Teams

Olé players who have represented New Zealand:

  • Callum McCowatt (U17, U20, U23 All Whites)
  • Elijah Just (U17, U20, U23, All Whites)
  • Nando Pijnaker, (U17, U20, U23, All Whites)
  • Ryan Thomas (U20, All Whites)
  • Noah Billingsley (U20, All Whites)
  • Elliot Collier (All Whites)
  • Jesse Edge (U17, U20)
  • Dalton Wilkins (U20)
  • Dominic Wooldridge (U20)
  • Owen Parker-Price (U17)
  • Liam Jones (U17)
  • Josh Rogerson (U17)
  • Ahmad Wali (U17)
  • Otto Ingham (U17)
  • Robi Sabo (U17)
  • Sean Bright (U17)
  • Marko Stamenic (U17, U23)
  • Matt Garbett (U17, U23)
  • Maya Hahn (NZ U17 & Germany U20)

Olé Player Gallery

A selection of Olé Academy players playing for club, university and country.

Olé Player Videos

Noah Billingsley | Minnesota United, USA

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