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Ben Sippola

Ben Sippola | Technical Director

Originally from Minnesota, Ben Sippola is entering his ninth year at Olé. Ben is the Academy Technical Director and Head Coach of Western Suburbs FC. Ben holds an OFC/NZF B-License.

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Blake Jones

Blake Jones | CEO

Blake Jones has been with Olé for five years. He is the CEO and one of our most experienced coaches. Blake holds an AFC/AFF B-License.

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Joe Hall | Performance & Coach Education

Joe came to Olé from Christchurch with extensive experience at the highest level of football in New Zealand. With an OFC/NZF A-License, and a PhD where he has looked at specifically applying neuropsychology to sports coaching.

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Simone Sippola | Communications & Media

Simone is a Porirua local, and this is her third year with Olé. She looks after academy communications and media, day-to-day operations and the on-site residential facility. 

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Mark Atkinson | Head Trainer

Mark relocated from Auckland with his family and joined Olé four years ago. He is one of our most experienced coaches, looking after the U17 Academy and coaching across other age groups. Mark holds an AFC/AFF B-License.

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Tory Schiltgen | Director of Girls & Women’s Football

Originally from Minnesota, Tory has been with Olé for three years. She is the Director of Girls and Women’s Football and one of our Head Trainers. Tory holds an OFC/NZF C-License.

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Tyler Logan | Analyst & Trainer

Joining the Olé team in 2020, Tyler has come from Christchurch with experience working in a number of football environments. He has a Bachelor of Sports Coaching, and holds an OFC/NZF B-License.

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Mike Faber | Head Trainer

Mikey’s journey with Olé began at the age of 14 as a player! Joining the coaching staff after four years playing in the USA, he has quickly grown into a competent and well-liked coach. Mike has an OFC/NZF C-License.

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Matt Jepson | Player Welfare

Matt came on board full-time with Olé in 2021, after 3 years involved with the organisation. Matt heads up Player Welfare and is responsible for athletic improvement, physical conditioning, nutrition, recovery, injury management and rehabilitation.

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Sandi van Endt | Head Chef

Originally from South Africa, Sandi has now been with Olé for two years and is loved by all. With over 30 years experience revolving around food, she runs the Olé Kitchen.

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Ben Stroud | Community Football Coordinator

As Community Football Coordinator, Ben is looking after all of Olé’s grassroots initiatives around the Porirua community. Ben is also a senior player in our First Team environment.

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James Lawler (Jimmy) | Kit Man

Jimmy has been involved with Olé for a year. He’s the academy’s very own Kit Man, looking after the locker room and all of the First and Reserve team training kit.

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Ollie Arrowsmith | Intern

Ollie is one of our Senior Academy players, who’s been at Olé since he was 11 years old! He’s come on board as a Player Welfare intern, as well as a coach in the Junior Academy.

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Josh Larking | Intern

Originally from Auckland, Josh Larking has been living in residence at Olé for four years pursing his football development. As well as staying focused on playing, Josh has joined the staff as an intern.

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Jaydn Robson | Intern

Jaydn is a young local who started coming to observe training at Olé out of passion for football. He’s currently studying at the New Zealand Institute of Sport, and has joined us an intern.

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MJM | Accounts & Administration

MJM Management Group is responsible for the book-keeping & administration of Olé Football Academy. MJM works closely with the Olé management team to provide support in both the day-to-day operations and long term strategy. With 15 years of experience working in the Olé setting, the MJM team are an integral part of the organisation.

Thanks, Marg, Jared and Mike.

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