Community Football

Olé loves being part of the Porirua community!

We’ve built a foundation in grassroots, community based initiatives which bring the joy of football to local young people.


The Olé x Western Suburbs Skills Centre serves as a “pre-academy” for young players who aren’t yet part of the full Olé programme.

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Football in Schools

The Ole Football in Schools Programme is a fun, high energy introduction to football for local school kids!

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Street Football

Bring your friends to Waitangirua Mall at 6 – 7.30pm on the first Friday of every month. A free event, open to all, no experience needed!

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Cannons Creek Football

Our very own, locally run, free community football programme in the heart of Cannons Creek. Learn skills, play football and have fun.

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Community Football in action

Community News

Let them play

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