Cameron Mackenzie | Head of Strength and Conditioning/Performance & F11 Head Coach

Cameron joined Olé FA as a player in 2016, before leaving at the end of 2018 for university.  After graduating in 2023 from Auckland University of Technology, Cameron has returned to Olé FA as Head of Strength and Conditioning Coach and F11 Head Coach.

Cameron is passionate about ensuring the senior players are optimally conditioned on and off the field to reduce the risk of injuries, while also improving the athletic capabilities that are required to play football. He is also excited to be introducing the D15 and D17 players to off-field training, helping them gain a better understanding of their bodies and benefits.

He brings a great deal of experience and knowledge for the younger players looking to learn, on and off the pitch in addition to building the best environment possible to help the players’ holistic development.

The qualifications that Cameron currently holds are the NZF Youth Level 2 and has completed his NZF C Licence. He holds a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, Majoring in Sport and Exercise Science from Auckland University of Technology.

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