Olé in Schools

It is our vision to see a vibrant and thriving Porirua community where children are empowered to pursue their greatest ambitions. We see football, sport in general, as an incredible educational medium for helping young people overcome challenges, develop valuable life skills, and learn to work together towards a common cause. We enjoy nothing more than seeing children earn opportunities through the beautiful game.

Grassroots Initiative

The Olé Football In Schools Programme is a grassroots initiative aimed at introducing the beautiful game to primary school children in the greater Porirua region.

Qualified Coaches

The Olé Football Academy sends qualified coaches into local primary schools to deliver a 5-week curriculum with a focus on basic football and life skills. At the end of the programme scholarships to the Skill Builders programme are awarded to selected players from each school..

Running Since 2000

The Football In Schools Programme has been running since 2000 and during that time has reached over 10,000 students in the Porirua – Wellington Region.

A number of current Young Olé Academy players have been identified and have started their footballing endeavours through the Olé Football In Schools Programme.

Skill Builders

Skill Builders and The Olé Football In Schools Programme pave the way at the academy’s foundation and have been staples in the Porirua community for nearly two decades.
A grassroots initiative aimed at bringing football to youngsters (ages 5 – 11) living in the Wellington region.

Skill Builders is a fantastic opportunity for the player in the discovery phase of his or her career to get a first taste of the sport, while developing skills in a relaxed, fun, grassroots environment. Sessions are held on Sunday evenings during the school terms, from 5 – 6pm.

Players are encouraged to try newly learned skills in games where mistakes and creativity are applauded. The coaching staff is comprised of Young Olé Academy players alongside professional Olé Football Academy trainers. All sessions conclude with our all time favourite song “Olé, Olé, Olé.”

A number of current Young Olé Academy players have been identified and have started their footballing endeavours through the Olé Skill Builders Programme. Aside from left to right, Young Olé Academy players Marko Stamenic, Marcas Simmons-Godinet and Ben Taylor all began their Olé footballing careers in Skill Builders.

Street Football
Unstructured free-play
Mini Skills Sessions

Discovery Phase

The Skill Builders player is still very much in the discovery phase of his or her career. This is the time when players need nothing more than fun and games.

Individual Skill

Skill Builders training sessions are based around individual skill sessions, unstructured free play activities and small-sided street football games.

Safe, Fun and Playful

The purpose of the Skill Builders programme is to offer the player more opportunities for play within a safe, fun, playful and encouraging learning environment.

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