Olé Football Academy Announces the New Hiring of Jamie Wildash-Chan as a Foundation Phase Coach

Olé Football Academy is pleased go announce the immediate hiring of Jamie Wildash-Chan as a Foundation Phase Coach.

Jamie arrived at Olé Football Academy in 2019. Since then he has worked his way into the Western Suburbs first team squad and gained valuable training experience in 2023 in Scotland with Hearts of Midlothian FC. Jamie has recently embarked on his coaching journey.

With two years of Central League experience and being brought up through the Olé Football Academy system, Jamie brings a unique perspective to coaching. With the understanding of a current player, Jamie holds much knowledge and passion for the game and is excited to share it with other aspiring players.

“Jamie is a fantastic young player who also has the enthusiasm and passion to help coach our Foundation Phase players.” Coach Alan Koch said. “His insights and ability to connect with our young players will be invaluable this year.

“I’m very excited to help out Olé’s next generation this year. Football has taught me so much, and now I’m ready to pass on that knowledge and help others reach their full potential.” – Jamie Wildash-Chan


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