Olé Football Academy are excited to take things to a new level in 2021, with the full-time appointments of Matt Jepson and Tyler Logan. 

Although neither Matt or Tyler are unfamiliar faces, Olé want to extend a huge welcome to them as they ‘officially’ join the team!

After three and a half years involved in some capacity, Matt is now exclusively on board with Olé, looking after Player Welfare. He is responsible for developing and implementing all athletic and welfare initiatives in line with the Academy’s philosophy and methodology. 

Matt will look after athletic improvement, physical conditioning, nutrition, injury management, rehabilitation and more. He comes highly experienced, and is one of only several people qualified across the Functional Range System in New Zealand. He’s worked with a number of New Zealand’s top footballers, and has already proven a valuable resource to many of the young players at Olé, working with training groups, teams and one on one. 

Technical Director, Ben Sippola commented “Matt is an an amazing appointment, and one we’ve been wanting to make for years. He brings extensive experience and knowledge in the health and wellbeing sector and he is going to add so much value to the overall wellness and performance of players and staff involved with the Academy.” 

Matt’s goal is to empower the players on whatever journey they go on, whether it’s football or otherwise. He wants to see players that are able to leave the Academy equipped to make good choices regarding their health and wellbeing wherever they end up.

Reflecting on his new role, Matt said, “I’m super excited to become part of the team. Growing up in the UK football was heavily integrated into my life. My other great passion is the human body and how it moves and functions. Working at Olé combines these two things, and the team we have is incredible to work with – so it really is a dream job for me!”

Olé welcomed Tyler Logan on board last year as an intern for the Summer Programme, and we’re stoked that he’s decided to stay on board with us full-time here in Wellington!

Tyler is going to head up Performance Analysis for the Academy, as well as coach in the Youth & Junior space. He’ll also be involved with assisting in the Senior Men’s Academy.

Tyler has a sound understanding of the training methodology and pedagogical framework at Olé, and the expertise he brings in the video and analysis space is going to be a huge boost for the coaching staff and players. His work will provide a whole new avenue of education through analysis, using video as another valuable learning tool. 

“I’m looking to soak up as much knowledge as I can from my fellow coaches and really dive deep into what it truly means to be an Olé coach,” Tyler said. “I’m also looking to build upon the foundations laid by Ben and James Malthus over the last couple of years & really start to ramp up the scale of operations in the analysis department.” 

Commenting on why he was keen to commit to Olé, Tyler said that it came down to the environment and the people. “I truly believe there is no better environment in the country when it comes to valuing what’s going on both on and off the pitch. The holistic development is really cared for at Olé & there is a massive emphasis on creating not only world class footballers, but world class people. The players and staff have made me feel at home since the day I arrived which has made the move all the easier.”

“Tyler is an intelligent, enthusiastic, passionate young coach and will really help our players and staff take things to another level this year,” said Ben Sippola. 

Welcome on board, Matt and Tyler! 

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