Injuries: The Mental Game

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Callum McCowattCallum McCowatt experienced the highs and the absolute lows of a dedicated athlete last year with the exhilaration of competing in the FIFA U17 World Cup in Chile, then a crushing gradual process injury brought on by the athlete’s curse – overtraining. Callum had to learn the mental skills to overcome it, and now he sees the value in the journey.

I was injured this past year (2015) and I was injured badly. Not an impact injury, no concussion, not a broken leg, nothing dramatic, although that would have been way more exciting.

Rather, I was diagnosed with a pathetic and tiresome thing called osteitis pubis. When it comes down to it this type of injury, it’s most often brought on by overloading, in other words by training too much. We know this kind of situation is becoming more common with youth now all these amazing opportunities are available to us to work and excel early at the sport of our choice.

Read the full article about how Callum overcame the mental challenge his injury posed in 2015.

Proactive are proud to sponsor 3 talented footballers currently training at the Olé Football Academy this year. This is a 3-part blog where we ask each of the boys to share a part of their lives, trainings and the day to day challenges they go through to stay at the peak of their game.


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