Kai for Kids

Kai For Kids

Kai For Kids is non-profit Charity based in Porirua providing under privileged children in low decile schools with food and lunches to make sure they reach their full potential.

Kai for Kids began when Shari-ana Clifford shockingly confronted with the fact that children at local primary schools had little or no lunch and were malnourished and hungry.

After realising her daughter was sneaking extra food to school for her hungry class mates she knew she had to do something. She began making lunches for over 300 kids at 5 schools. After she went public about her work countless other schools have asked for her help saying their students need food and are going without.

Funding the lunches and making them herself is no longer sustainable so we have offered the dining hall at Olé Football Academy so Kai for Kids can coordinate volunteers to create the lunches.

You can read more about Shari-ana and Kai for Kids and how they have moved from providing 500 lunches a week to now being 1200 in under an hour.

If you wish to make a donation the Givealittle page allows you to do just that and you can volunteer to help make lunches using their volunteer form.

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