An exciting new collaboration will be taking place between New Plymouth Rangers and Olé Football Academy in 2021. 

New Plymouth Rangers President, Monty Ammundsen with Olé Coach, and newly appointed Director of Football for New Plymouth Rangers, James Malthus.


Grounded in New Plymouth Rangers’ commitment to growing youth football development in their local area, Olé Football Academy will assist the club to implement a new youth academy training programme. 

Based on their proven approach to youth development, Olé will provide educational resources, guidance surrounding philosophy and training methodology, coach development and pathways for young players. 

New Plymouth Rangers look forward to getting underway, and are excited about what this new step will mean for the football community. 

“We have a responsibility to the next generations of young, aspiring footballers, and we as New Plymouth Rangers want to play our part in providing players the opportunity to follow their dreams and aspirations. With the relationship with Olé, we believe we can do that.”

Olé are excited to continue their commitment to the young, kiwi player, and support New Plymouth Rangers’ in becoming a successful hub for youth development, creating a sustainable model which will thrive for years to come.

Olé CEO Blake Jones says, “We believe wholeheartedly in ‘The Olé Way’ as a medium for developing young people and young footballers. Sharing it with other clubs across New Zealand has always been important to us, in order to create more opportunities for young footballers. Monty, Matt, and James have laid out an ambitious youth development vision for their club and Olé is excited to be a part of that. I am confident we will learn from them as much as they will learn from us.”

Part of this exciting new initiative sees one of Olé’s most experienced Youth Coaches, James Malthus, appointed as the Director of Football for New Plymouth Rangers. 

James has been with Olé for a number of years. He is a highly capable coach, with a strong understanding of the Olé philosophy and training methodology, as well as excellent knowledge of the technical components of the game. James is well-placed to grow the New Plymouth Rangers academy using the Olé principals, and his role will be an integral part of what’s to come. 

James is looking forward to the challenging new opportunity, and comments, “There is huge potential in the young footballers in New Plymouth and I know The Olé Way has a lot to offer them. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Monty Ammundsen, New Plymouth Rangers President shared, “There is a perfect synergy between Olé and New Plymouth Rangers, to continue the relationship and bring The Olé Way to New Plymouth. James can immediately set up the environment required for this to work, we are excited he has accepted the role to come to the club to make this new direction a great success.”

“James will work very closely with Matt Hastings and continue a strong connection with Ben, Blake and Olé. With everyone working together we are very excited at the possibilities for football in Taranaki.”

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