Olé Football Academy is devoted to building a sustainable “no barriers to entry” youth football development model to offer support to aspirational young players in the modern day pay-to-play landscape in Porirua, New Zealand.

We are offering full scholarships in 2022 for 14–18-year-old footballers to train and develop at our academy and top facility in Porirua.

“Since Olé’s inception in 1997, we have taken great pride in creating a “no barriers to entry” academy, so that not a single player in the area misses out on the opportunity to develop to their highest potential. We believe in giving young people the opportunity to grow, develop and chase after their greatest dreams. We are adamant that a young person’s economic situation should not interfere with opportunity.”
– Dave Wilson, Olé Football Academy Chairman

All scholarship applications must fill out the online form provided below and submit it by no later than 8th March 2022.

Online form 🔗 https://forms.gle/QtwCbibNGopDV1zA6

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