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Here at Olé, we understand the footballer’s journey better than anyone else. A long, non-linear and unpredictable pathway, full of twists and turns and ups and downs. Our new logo represents such. It moves in the shadows and stretches through the light. Yet, at all times, remains aspirational.

We’ve turned a corner in our journey, moving beyond the borders of a traditional badge, crest, or shield, because we are not your average academy or club. 

At Olé, we play a different game. One of Constant and Never Ending Improvement, aimed at growth and the development of potential. Purposefully seeking out discomfort, embracing adversity and new horizons ahead. 

Our aim is to be a true representation of who we are within the local, national and global football community. A beacon of hope, with a proven track record, we’re a shoulder to stand upon and a constant for the incredibly capable young people we work on behalf of. 

We feel that our brand is now a visual and verbal expression of who we are, what we do and why we do it – the unique frequency that only we bring into the world. 

We’ve been devoted to granting young Kiwis permission to maximise their potential since 1997, longer than anyone else, having helped place them all across the globe. And we’re not going anywhere soon. 

We do not claim to know exactly how we do what we do, it’s just too hard to put a finger on. But we do know some of the essential ingredients. Wholeheartedly embracing change, innovating, being unafraid to disrupt the landscape, and constantly challenging the status quo. 

With a relational approach at the centre, we create exceptional learning environments which not only engage the players brain, but that players absolutely love showing up and being a part of. Belonging to something greater than themselves, with consistency, intensity, and the utmost attention to detail, with a love for craft at heart.

Here at Olé, you fall in love with the beautiful game. Making the extraordinary ordinary, doing it #TheOléWay still today and since the day we opened our doors.


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Logo Evolution

Ole Logo Evolution


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