“Ultibend It Like Beckham” Free Street Soccer Night for Youngsters at Olé Football Academy!!!


On behalf of Ultibend Industries Ltd. (Porirua), Olé Football Academy would like to announce that “The World’s Leading Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Elbows” has come on board to sponsor “Ultibend It Like Beckham” Street Soccer Nights at Olé Football Academy.“Ultibend It Like Beckham” Street Soccer Nights begin on Monday, October 12th, 2015 at 6:00 pm on Olé Football Academy’s state of the art artificial playing surface and will run consecutive Mondays for the remainder of summer 2015. Street soccer nights are absolutely free of charge and are open to all footballers in the Porirua region born between 2005 and 2008.

“Ultibend It Like Beckham” Street Soccer Nights are designed to create a football environment based around “total uninhibited and unstructured free-play” e.g. street soccer. Players will be dropped off at 6:00 pm (finishing no later than 7:15 pm) and be divided into teams to play small sided (3v3, 4v4, 5v5) games in a tournament format. Players will be supervised by 1 or 2 grown ups responsible for organising and timing (but not coaching!!!) games and tournaments.

There is no need to confirm attendance. Just show up, drop of your little footballer — equipped with boots and shinnies of course — and sit back on the hill and enjoy watching the kiddos play, learn and have fun!

A major thank you to Ultibend Industries Ltd. for allowing street soccer nights to take place by sponsoring the pitch once-a-week in order to provide footballing opportunities for Porirua’s up and coming, young, ambitious footballers!

Please note that “Ultibend It Like Beckham” Street Soccer Nights are not an Olé Football Academy Programme.

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