Official Partnership with International Football Consultancy

Olé Football Academy is excited to announce a strategic partnership with International Football Consultancy (IFC), known for their successful collaborations with the Football Federation Samoa and Cook Islands Football Association. This partnership unites Olé FA’s commitment to player development with IFC’s expertise in scouting and recruitment, aiming to expand international opportunities for young players.

Central to this collaboration is the shared goal of providing young footballers with essential tools and pathways to achieve their full potential and make informed career decisions. A pivotal objective is to ensure Olé Football Academy players have direct access to international pathways for which they are eligible. During this partnership, Olé Football Academy will share relevant heritage player detail with IFC, who will then add the player to the national pool of the respective FIFA Member Association, share the players’ details with the respective head coaches, and ensure all eligibility criteria are met. IFC will then confirm the details of the Member Association’s national selection process.

In this partnership, Olé Football Academy reaffirms its dedication to shaping the future of our players. This collaboration not only aligns with our vision of nurturing world-class talent but also amplifies our ability to offer opportunities to players. We look forward to seeing our athletes thrive on the international stage, thanks to this synergistic alliance.

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